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HTC Mecha set to be next Android superstar?

The HTC Mecha pops up online
The HTC Mecha pops up online

HTC looks like it's readying a new Android handset, codenamed the HTC Mecha.

The phone is showing up in the 'Choose your phone' section of the account creation screen for, the company's new phone portal to keep track of your phone's content and location.

Listed under the Desire HD and Desire Z is the Mecha - with a picture showing an HTC Hero next to it.

Leaking all over the mobile floor

We're used to HTC accidentally leaking phones all over the place, but this is a pretty high profile place to do it - and we can't think of any phone currently announced that it's going to be representing.

It's unlikely to be the HTC Gratia as we're pretty sure that won't be coming with the upgraded version of the Sense UI when it lands next month.

It's also unlikely to be the HTC Hero with a facelift, as the struggles HTC had with upgrading that to Android 2.1 make us suspect that it won't be going through the same process again for the new UI.

So it looks like we're getting a new phone from the HTC brigade soon - unless it's just a US variant of an already released unit – in which case this whole thing will be a massive anti-climax. Let's just pretend that's not a possibility.

From Engadget via Phone Arena