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EE 'confirms' it's picking up Sony Xperia Z1

EE 'confirms' it's picking up Sony Xperia Z1
What's a-coming Xperia?

EE has dropped a big hint that it will be stocking the much-rumoured flagship smartphone from Sony, with a retweet likely confirming specs too.

The Sony Xperia Z1 / Honami / i1 has been touted around the internet's delightful echo chamber for some time, and looks to be a big player in the cameraphone war raging through the smartphone landscape.

But EE's Twitter account looks to have confirmed that it will also have 4G on board (which is hardly a shocker), but also means that it's likely to have a CAT 4 LTE chip on board to make use of EE's double-speed 4G network.

EE Sony Xperia Z1

Of course, we could be reading too much into all of this, and it could be the work of an over-zealous Twitter handler for the network, but it seems that the new flagship handset, which is set to debut at IFA, will be coming to the UK.

The Sony Xperia Z1 is set to pack a 20.7MP camera with new lens technology, according to multiple sources, and will use a number of features from Sony's technology stable to improve the screen, music and camera technology.

We'll be there front and centre at IFA 2013 as whatever Sony is going to show off gets unveiled – join us right here to get all the information, or just to look at exciting pictures. Your call.