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Could the Moto X smartphone sport the fastest LTE speeds on the block?

Could the Moto X smartphone sport the fastest LTE speeds on the block?
Doubling down on LTE?

The Moto X handset may be able to out-sprint its rivals in a mobile data race thanks to the inclusion of not one, but two LTE antennas, according to rumours on Wednesday.

The device, which Motorola has been touting heavily over the July 4 holiday, will boast dual LTE MIMO (Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output) antennas, so says Taylor Wimberley, founder of Android and me.

The tech, more commonly associated with high-speed Wi-Fi, means there'd be two antennas pulling in and spitting out downloads and uploads at the same time, increasing speeds for owners of the device.

Of course, this is all a rumour at present, but Wimblerley's previous leaks info surrounding customisation of the Moto X phone, suggests that he may be onto something.

Moto's amped

Motorola is yet to officially reveal the Moto X Phone, the first high-profile handset since it became a Google-owned company, but has been amping up the anticipation this week.

It took out adverts in major newspapers in the United States and launched a sign-up page for those interested in the device.

Both communications touted the device as the first smartphone to be 'designed by you,' hinting at unprecedented customisation for users, which reports have since suggested will involve colour and engraving options.

The ads and webpage also boasted that the device would be designed, built and assembled in the United States, perhaps working in a little dig at Apple's recent 'Designed by Apple in California' PR blitz.

Via Android Authority