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Cracked iPhone 5C screens may get in-Apple Store repairs starting Monday

iPhone 5C
If only the plastic was a shock abosrber

Apple Stores could start repairing cracked iPhone 5C screens themselves as soon as next week.

We first reported that Apple was rolling in machines to repair new iPhone screens on location last November. Now, it seems the plan to start in-store repairs for the cheaper model may begin January 20, as multiple sources have told 9to5mac.

If a user has shattered their iPhone 5C screen, the store could have it fixed within an hour. Previously, the only fix for a sorely broken phones was replacing the entire unit, loosing installed apps and data along the way.

But what about the other guy?

It's likely a $49 (about £29/AU$55) screen replacement for customers bringing in an AppleCare-covered iPhone 5C. Those with maimed phones without Apple's insurance plan will probably have to fork over a costly $149 (about £90/AU$169).

Unfortunately, the replacing of iPhone 5S screens reportedly won't kick off next week. Instead, the flagship iPhone is still in the small rollout stage of in-house repairs.

Apple reportedly began replacing iPhone 5C screens in a small number of US stores over the past few months, but Monday's rollout would mark the full-scale repair operation for all the company's retail regions except Hong Kong and Canada.

Kevin Lee

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