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Best iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S cases

10 best iPhone 6 cases
From luxury leather to bulletproof polycarbonate, we've got your phone covered

Apple's 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S are years past their prime as the best on the market, but they're still excellent phones that are still useful long after bigger, pricier iPhones have come out. And both have a new lease on life after updating to iOS 12

Luckily, both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S have identical designs, so you won't have any trouble browsing the cases below and choosing  a cool one that fits either model just right.

Below are several recommendations covering a range of budgets and style choices. While we haven't tested all of these cases, they are each a cut above the rest due to their value and design, and are backed by positive consumer feedback.

Mophie Juice Pack Air

Mophie Juice Pack Air iPhone 6/6S case

Mophie Juice Pack Air

There's no case more functional than Mophie's Juice Pack Air. Not only does it work to protect your iPhone, but it fills it up with precious power, too. It can even charge wirelessly.

Considering the triple benefit, the asking price of around $50 is fairly low right now. The case itself contains a 2,600mAh battery, which itself is larger than the internal battery within the iPhone.

Vivibin Purple Marble case

If you're looking for that finished countertop look, Vivibin has a selection of cases with a marble appearance in a variety of pinkish, pearlescent hues. If that's not your style, they also have several nature and aesthetic designs.

It may not protect your phone as much as other cases on this list, but if looks are paramount, you can nab the Vivibin iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S case for under $7 (£5, AU$9) on Amazon here.

Arae leather wallet case

If you want a full-size folio wallet to store your cards and cash next to your phone, Arae has a case for you. It comes with a handle you can clip to the case, and the phone section can even be tilted and perched against the outer layer to prop it up at an angle for watching media.

Obviously, this larger case may not fit in some pockets. If that's not an issue, you can pick up an Arae case for $10 (£8, AU$13) on Amazon here.

Pegai leather wallet with optional personalization

If you want a bit more refined leather in your folio wallet case, check out this one by Pegai. It's certainly pricier than other cases on this list, but the 'chestnut brown' coloring looks handsome and classy.

The Pegai wallet has three pockets, which is enough space for six cards. If you want to pay a little extra, you can even get it monogrammed. The Pegai wallet costs $44 (around £34, AU$60) on Amazon here.

Super Thin case from Peel

Super Thin case from Peel

Super Thin case from Peel

Peel makes cases for people who hate using cases. 

There comes a point when you realize that protecting your investment is actually a sound idea, but you really don't want to hide away your phone's clever design. Thankfully, there's a solution for you.

The Super Thin case from Peel is a natural fit for your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S and comes in a variety of expressive colors, one of which is sure to fit your personality.

Otterbox Defender

Otterbox Defender iPhone 6 case

Otterbox Defender 

The Otterbox Defender locks your iPhone 6 into a well-molded polycarbonate shell that doesn't impede access to the handset's buttons or ports, and is covered with an extra layer of silicone.

A neat window lets the Apple logo see daylight, but while a sizeable belt clip holster encloses much of the case for added protection, some might not like the overall plasticky feel. Definitely one for the utility belt.

Griffin Survivor All-Terrain

Griffin Survivor All-Terrain iPhone 6 case

Griffin Survivor All-Terrain

At the core of the Griffin Survivor is a polycarbonate frame enmeshed in silicone. This rubber exterior offers excellent protection against drops, while sealed ports and a screen protector do a superb job of fending off rain and sand without compromising access.

The phone face gets a defensive layer of scratch-resistant film that doesn't affect the fingerprint sensor, but may impact the volume of a caller's voice in especially loud environments. Otherwise a quick-release belt-clip rounds off a case that lives up to its claims of military-spec protection.

Ted Baker

Ted Baker iPhone 6 case

Ted Baker iPhone 6 case

Check out this beautiful case from world renowned fashion brand Ted Baker. This one has a spot for your credit cards and sits snuggly around your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S.

The little back section even flips out to keep your phone up as a little stand. But this case is best when closed showing off the emblazoned Ted Baker logo on the front. This one is beautiful..

Xqisit Folio Case Tijuana

Xqisit Folio Case Tijuana for iPhone 6/6S

Xqisit Folio Case Tijuana

This folio case from Xqisit conceals more than just a polycarbonate shell, and we don't mean the dual pockets lining the front flap, the magnetic closure or its detachable carrying strap.

Thanks to a midway fold in the nylon material lining the back plate, the Tijuana doubles as a landscape oriented stand that's sturdy enough for prolonged viewing on dreary commutes. With decent all-over protection for your phone, you can't go wrong.

Griffin Reveal

Griffin Reveal iPhone 6/6S case

Griffin Reveal iPhone 6 case

Griffin Reveal stays true to the adage "if you've got it, flaunt it" with what at first appears to be a classic bumper. Closer inspection of this iPhone 6 case however reveals a transparent polycarbonate shell lined with a rubberised edge that adds just 1.6mm in thickness to your handset.

That provides fair-to-middling protection (when dropped from average handheld height) without veiling the machined beauty of your superior tech. Quite possibly as minimalist as it gets.

Cygnett UrbanShield

Cygnett UrbanShield iPhone 6 case

Cygnett UrbanShield

The close-fit and smooth bevelled edges of the Cygnett UrbanShield emphasise the solid protection it gives your iPhone 6 against keys and coins in a bag or pocket.

The edges hold fast to the handset without impeding button access, and the hard rubber rim around the front panel of the case protects the glass from falls, and even dips into a nice carbon weave detail on the aluminium rear. A window for the Apple logo seals the look.

Speck CandyShell Grip-+

Speck CandyShell Grip-+ iPhone 6/6s case

Speck CandyShell Grip-+ 

A bigger iPhone is more prone to drops, however you hold it. This slim Grip case from Speck tackles the issue head on with a raised rubber bevel and textured grilles on the rear of its polycarbonate-polyurethane dual-layer design.

Placing the phone face down on a table demonstrates good grip and front glass protection; even the volume and power buttons get rubberised covers without diminishing access. Certified to military-grade drop defence standards, this should keep your iPhone sitting pretty.

Apple Leather Case

Apple Leather Case for iPhone 6/6S

Apple Leather Case for iPhone 6/6S

If you want to be sure you're getting an iPhone 6S case as high quality as the phone itself going straight to Apple is probably a good start. The Leather Case is, as the name suggests, made of leather, and it's available in five colors - Midnight Blue, Saddle Brown, Rose Grey, Brown and Black.

It's a simple shell which covers the back and sides of the phone, but as it's leather it looks and feels high end, plus it's slim enough that your iPhone 6S still appears thin even with the case on.

Spigen Liquid Crystal Case

Spigen Liquid Crystal Case for 1Phone 6/6s

Spigen Liquid Crystal Case for 1Phone 6/6s

Sometimes less is more, especially when we're talking about a phone as nice-looking as the iPhone 6S. It would be a shame to keep it hidden away in a case and that's the thinking behind the Spigen Liquid Crystal Case.

It's transparent so you can still see your new phone in all its glory and it's thin enough to maintain the handsets look and shape, yet strong enough to provide protection against scratches and bumps.

OtterBox MySymmetry Case

OtterBox MySymmetry Case for iPhone 6/6S

OtterBox MySymmetry Case for iPhone 6/6S

If you don't want the same old case day after day the OtterBox MySymmetry Case might be for you. At its heart it's a clear case with tough bumpers, but you can get inserts for it, each of which have a different design.

There are quite a few available so you should be able to find some you like and if you grab a few then you can change the design whenever you feel like it. Sadly you only get one with the case itself, so you'll have to spend a little extra to build up a collection.

Spigen Tough Armor Case

Spigen Tough Armor Case for iPhone 6/6S

Spigen Tough Armor Case for iPhone 6/6S

The iPhone 6S is expensive and fragile, so you'll probably want to keep it well protected. In which case the Spigen Tough Armor Case would be a good choice.

With MIL-STD 810G 516.6 level defence and Air Cushion technology for protection against drops it should keep your phone safe in day to day life and even through tougher scenarios like...erm...hiking and camping.

It's chunky but stylish and it's even available in Rose Gold, to match the new iPhone shade.

i-Blason Transformer Holster Case

i-Blason Transformer Holster Case for iPhone 6/6S

i-Blason Transformer Holster Case for iPhone 6/6S

The i-Blason Transformer Holster Case is rubberized and textured, so your iPhone 6S will be in no danger of sliding out of even the greasiest hands.

But there's a lot more going on here than that, as the Transformer Holster also features a kickstand, so you can prop your phone up on a surface, and a belt clip for those who don't believe in pockets. All that and it's still fairly slim.

Although we would recommend you think about whether a phone clipped to your belt is a great look...

OtterBox Strada Case

OtterBox Strada Case for iPhone 6/6S

OtterBox Strada Case for iPhone 6/6S

If you like the look of the official iPhone 6S Leather Case but want a bit more protection you might want to consider the OtterBox Strada.

It too is leather but unlike Apple's offering this one also wraps around the screen, for 360 degree protection.

Its inner shell is impervious to everyday knocks, drops and tumbles thanks to Otterbox's long-established Drop+ protection, but it looks so swish you'd never know it was so rugged.

A vertical card slot keeps stashed cards safely inside, while a discreet magnetic latch keeps the case securely closed in a pocket or handbag. You'll just want to stroke your phone with this case on. It even smells great too.

Caseology Wavelength Textured Pattern Grip Cover

Caseology Wavelength Textured Pattern Grip iPhone 6 Cover

Caseology Wavelength Textured Pattern Grip Cover

The Caseology Wavelength Cover is something a little different. It provides all the drop protection you'd hope, with air cushions providing shock absorption.

But on top of the TPU shell there's a textured fabric finish, making it comfortable to hold and giving it an eye catching look, particularly in combination with the two-tone colour scheme.

Supcase iPhone 6S Armband

Supcase iPhone 6S Armband

Supcase iPhone 6S Armband

If you're a runner then you're going to want easy access to your phone when on the move, which counts out digging around in your pocket.

An armband is far more ideal and the Supcase iPhone 6S Armband is a strong option. Its silicone case keeps your phone protected and an adjustable Velcro strap ensures it can fit almost any arm size. It's even got a reflective mark to keep you visible when running in the dark.

iPhone 6S Silicone Case

iPhone 6S Silicone Case

iPhone 6S Silicone Case

The iPhone 6S Silicone Case keeps things simple, providing a basic slim silicone cover but with the fit-based confidence that comes from buying a case made by Apple itself.

It's available in eleven different colors, so you'll be able to find one to match or contrast your iPhone 6S and it gives your phone basic protection without adding too much bulk.

Griffin Survivor Summit

Griffin Survivor Summit iPhone 6/6S case

Griffin Survivor Summit case

Found yourself in a sandstorm recently? Griffin has a phone case for you. The Summit's removable belt holster feels nice and solid, and even doubles up as a stand. The grippy shell keeps a slim profile compared to previous Griffin protectors too, despite offering a concrete-defying 10 feet of drop protection.

The quality of the seal is the best we've seen. Pulling up a tab on the top of the case opens it up to slot in your device, which gets a scratch-proof screen guard that doesn't hinder TouchID, while keeping rain and dirt at bay. Make no mistake, this case is hard. Very hard.

RhinoShield Crash Guard Bundle

RhinoShield Crash Guard Bumper iPhone 6/6S case

RhinoShield Crash Guard Bumper

Not satisfied to fall back on standard polycarbonates for its products, Evolution Labs created its own polymer blend for increased impact absorption, and this bumper bundle has it in spades. We mean literally – you could whack your handset with a spade and it wouldn't even blink with one of these cases on it.

It's super-light too, adding just 12g to the 143 grams of an iPhone 6S, and yet the bezels of the Crash Guard reassuringly envelope the handset. Needless to say, its slim profile is completely disarming. It's hard to know just how much its amazing protection is due to the well-publicised inner honeycomb structure, but who cares when it's this stubbornly effective?

Optrix Body Glove Pro

Optrix Body Glove Pro iPhone 6/6S case

Optrix Body Glove Pro case

If you're a surfer, diver, stunt rider, or just like the idea of being able to capture photos and footage in extreme environments, then consider Optrix's Body Glove case for your iPhone 6S.

It's drop-proof to 20 feet for a start, with rugged sealed hinges that allow your handset to be safely submerged in liquid up to 10 metres. Its all-action smarts also include an integrated mount system that makes it ready for Optrix's separate selfie Monopod, Super Suction cup (for surf boards etc.), chest strap and Tripod Flex.

Not only that, it comes with four interchangeable lenses, including wide angle, telephoto and macro. Granted, the Body Glove Pro isn't your everyday case, but it could make your iPhone a whole lot more exciting to use on vacation…