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Microsoft refashions the mouse

The Arc Mouse...weird
The Arc Mouse...weird

Microsoft has decided the humble mouse looks rubbish in its present form, so has created an arc-shaped, fold down mouse... crazily called the Arc Mouse.

With the innards looking like they've been ripped out, this mouse features the 'Softies' new BlueTrack technology, which is apparently waaaaay more responsive, on things like granite etc.

The Arc Mouse folds down to almost half its size, so is handy for the traveller who wants to keep his interface device close at all times. And there are probably LOADS of them.

Losing your reception

It also has a teeny, tiny little receiver, with around 1cm of protrusion when plugged into your laptop, so you never have to take it out! Wow!

And if you do, it magnetically clips to the bottom of the device! Microsoft has thought of everything here.

"Everyone loves to play with Arc. They snap it open and closed, and even spin it on its back. As a designer, it's really inspiring to make that kind of emotional connection with people," said Monique Chatterjee, user experience designer at Microsoft.

We now want to spin it on its back to see what function that has. Well, she wouldn't say it if it didn't DO something, right?