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Pics of Windows Mobile 6.5 emerge

Pictures of the forthcoming Windows Mobile 6.5 have emerged on the net, and while we doubt there's a huge amount of functionality added, at least the interface has been improved. has published two screenshots of the forthcoming interface (here's hoping we've not been duped by clever mock-ups, although the website claims they're totally genuine).

It will use the same Confetti engine which powers the current 6.1 iteration, which is why we aren't expecting great things of the new interface.


The new menu structure looks interesting, and well-suited to the likes of touchscreen devices, though the presence of the tiny Windows logo in the top left-hand corner means once again it's going to be very difficult to get into the system menus, especially with fingers.

The home screen seems interesting as well, given that it looks a whole lot like the Zune interface with a WM tweak... could there be some more media functionality on the cards?

Anyway, this will be débuting next year, so get your wallets at the ready for the higher-priced handsets this will be powering.