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BlackBerry PlayBook launched without O2's support

BlackBerry PlayBook - in shops now
BlackBerry PlayBook - in shops now

Today is the official UK launch of the BlackBerry PlayBook but it seems that O2 has decided not to stock the device, explaining that there are "issues with the end-to-end user experience".

While the PlayBook is available from a number of outlets in the UK, the lack of support from O2 will comes a bit of a blow for RIM which is hoping its tablet will rival the likes of the iPad and Galaxy Tab.

PlayBook price

The BlackBerry PlayBook offers full-Flash web browsing, has a 7-inch screen, Wi-Fi connectivity and it aimed at business users.

When it comes to pricing the the 16GB model costs £399, the 32GB model retails at £479 and the 64GB version will be £559.

In the TechRadar BlackBerry PlayBook review, we said the tablet showed promise but its lack of apps were a problem – something that O2 seems to agree with.

One place that is more than happy to stock the PlayBook is the Carphone Warehouse – it started selling the device a day early in its stores.

Via Engadget