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Now Twitter makes the news: BBC's new in-tweet videos to focus on trends

BBC's new in-tweet news round-ups will amplify focus on social media trends
The BBC has agreed a deal with Twitter's Amplify initiative

The BBC is to begin broadcasting video round-ups focusing on the events trending on social media, as part of a new agreement with Twitter, it was announced on Wednesday.

The Corporation will embed original videos within tweets under the #BBCTrending hashtag, seeking to offer analysis on the big stories are doing the rounds on Twitter, Facebook and other online media.

The videos, specially produced by BBC Global News (the profit-making arm), will be presented by Anne-Marie Tomchak and will encourage users to feedback their thoughts using the above hashtag.

The scheme is part of Twitter's new 'Amplify' programme, which already boasts partnerships with the likes of ESPN and NBC. The Beeb, however, is the broadcaster to offer completely original content.


Auntie says the "timely" clips will complement its news-gathering efforts and allow viewers to tune in wherever they are in the world.

"This new collaboration harnesses our global reach and newsgathering capabilities to bring our advertising partners clever and impressive products," said James Montgomery, Director of Digital & Technology at BBC Global News Ltd.

It's an interesting proposition from the BBC, as the news agenda becomes increasing dominated by the strength of the online reaction to global events. It's also a handy tool for Twitter, which has become the web's de facto home for breaking news in recent years.

The BBC's videos will also run-pre roll ads, which Twitter hopes will add to its bottom line ahead of its IPO.