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Spotify nabs REM album exclusive

Spotify and REM up a tree...
Spotify and REM up a tree...

Spotify has grabbed a dreamy music exclusive this week, with REM's latest album, Collapse Into Now, available to those with a premium account a week before it goes on general release.

The album will be exclusive to Spotify for the next week, alongside the opportunity to win signed merchandise from the band.

This isn't the first time that Spotify has managed to get an exclusive on an album launch.

The streaming music site managed to bag U2's No Line On The Horizon back in 2009, with help from the Guardian, and there's also been a whole line of other smaller bands going to Spotify first.

Premium content

Spotify is trying to persuade as many people as possible to start paying for the site, instead of using the free ad-supported version.

Alongside exclusive content to premium customers, if you pay a monthly subscription then you can also access the service through a mobile device.

The likes of REM choosing to debut content on Spotify is no doubt helping the company's profile in the US – a country it desperately wants to launch in.

Via Music Week