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Chrome overtakes Safari in the US

Chrome - growing
Chrome - growing

Google's Chrome browser has overtaken Apple's Safari in the United States, according to web analytics company StatCounter.

Although there are many different companies measuring traffic, StatCounter is one of the big names in this area, and according to its latest stats, Chrome is now in third place, behind Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Mozilla's Firefox.

StatCounter's measurement apparently comes from data of 874 million pages viewed in the US, putting Chrome usage at 8.97 per cent, slightly ahead of Safari (8.88%).

IE IE IE O down the browser league we go

Internet Explorer (all versions) is a distant leader with 52 per cent, with Firefox on 28.5 per cent.

Although it is US figures, this is a significant landmark, as it is a critical market which is home territory for many of the key players.

The UK saw Chrome overtake Safari back in October 2009 with StatCounter's latest data showing that it has 9.58 per cent of the UK market, with Firefox (38.14%) and IE on 43.15 percent.

Safari, is behind Opera (4.41%) in a distant fifth place with 3.88 per cent, but Apple will be hoping that Safari 5 can wrest back a little market share

Via TechCrunch