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Free fibre upgrades for BT Broadband users seeks to usher in the digital future

bt broadband
(Image credit: BT Broadband)

700,000 existing home and business BT Broadband customers are to be upgraded to superfast broadband by June 2020, for the small fee of…zilch. Nada. Nothing!

That's as part of the group's transformative broadband deals plans to maximise the UK’s digital potential and foster a “better connected and more competitive Britain”.

This upgrade to superfast fibre broadband promises zippier and more reliable connectivity for thousands of people, with average speeds increased from 10Mb anywhere up to 50Mb - hopefully ending the blight of frustrating webpage freeze-ups and stuttering TV streaming. For the 10% not currently able to receive BTs superfast connection however, BT says that existing technologies such as 4G and 5G broadband will be used to obtain the best speeds possible.

It's all part of BT's ambitious ‘Beyond Limits’ vision. Philip Jansen, Chief Executive of BT, said: “We're helping families and communities across the UK, and companies in Britain and around the world, to remove the barriers of today to realise the potential of tomorrow.”

Intent on seeing the UK better connected – overcoming the disparities of geographical location, for example – the announced upgrade heralds an important step in this vision, and the future roll-out to millions of even-faster fibre in 2021.