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Final Fantasy XV is cheaper than the price of a cinema ticket on PS4 today

Here's a little debate we had in the TechRadar offices before deciding on the headline to this article; just how much is a cinema ticket these days?

Down in London the typical price is currently sitting at around £13, but we've heard legend speak of prices dropping below a tenner in other, more affordable, parts of the UK. 

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Either way, Final Fantasy XV is currently just £9.99 on the PS Store if you're a PS Plus subscriber, which is a fantastic deal regardless of your local cinema prices. 

Non-PS Plus subscribers can also save a bit of money in the sale. For them the game's price has been reduced by 40% to £29.99. 

No word yet from Sony about how long this deal is expected to run for, so act quickly if you want to get your hands on some cheap JRPG thrills. 

Not a PlayStation Plus member at the moment? Or maybe your membership is due a top up? Check out the latest prices below.

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