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EE reveals new 4GEE Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Mini wonder devices

ee wi-fi

EE has announced that it will be launching brand new 4GEE Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Mini devices, which are smaller and lighter than ever before. 

In the case of the 4GEE Wi-Fi device, it manages to offer, in that small package, CAT 12 4G+ speeds of up to 600Mbps thanks to Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, connections of up to 20 devices at once and 15 hours of use thanks to a 4,300mAh battery which charges via USB-C. 

The latest 4GEE Wi-Fi Mini is smaller making it more portable but tops out at CAT 7 for speeds up to 300Mbps and 8 hours of use on its 2,150mAh battery. This also offers Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac for up to 20 device connections at once and weighs in at just 85g.

EE Wi-Fi plans

Both devices are available on a range of plans. 

The 4GEE Wi-Fi starts at 5GB for £13 per month and an upfront £30 charge or pay nothing up front and get 15GB for £22 per month, 30GB for £28 or 50GB for £40. These are all on a 24 month plan.

The Wi-Fi Mini on the same 24 month plan has no upfront cost and follows the same data to price plans as listed above.

Jump to a 30 day plan and you'll pay from £80 up front for 4GEE Wi-Fi and £40 for the Mini with monthly charges of £15 for 5GB, £25 for 15GB, £32 for 30GB and £45 for 50GB.

The 5GB and 15GB plans are capped at 60Mbps download speeds while the 30GB and 50GB plans offer maximum 4G+ speeds.