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Windows 8 Consumer Preview launching at MWC

Microsoft to launch Windows 8 Consumer Preview at MWC
We'll get a closer look at Windows 8 on February 29th

Microsoft has sent out press invites to the official Windows 8 Consumer Preview launch at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The company will showcase the long-awaited public beta on February 29th in a two hour event from 3pm to 5pm, at the annual mobile show.

Microsoft had promised to release the Consumer Preview by the end of February, so it would seem that it'll be made available following the event at MWC.

Aside from the time, date and purpose of the event, additional details are thin on the ground.

Next step to release

The launch of the Consumer Preview is the next step along the line to a full release of the final version of the eagerly anticipated reimagining of Windows.

Developers have been able to use a preview version of the Metro-centric OS since September.

The final manufacturers copy is expected to be sent out in second half of 2012.

We'll be live at Mobile World Congress bringing you all of the details from Microsoft's event on February 29th.

Via: ZDnet