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Microsoft Touch Mouse delayed until end of August

Microsoft Touch Mouse - it won't bite
Microsoft Touch Mouse - it won't bite

Microsoft's Touch Mouse has been delayed until the end of August, missing its announced UK release date by two months.

First unveiled at this year's CES, the Microsoft Touch Mouse UK release date was originally slated for June 2011.

But you may have noticed that June 2011 has been and gone, bringing with it no sign of the Microsoft Touch Mouse.

Time goes by so slowly

The reasons for the delay haven't been revealed but we expect to hear more from Microsoft over the next few days.

But it should perhaps come as no surprise, given that the Microsoft hardware team spent over a year turning its original multi-touch mouse prototype into a marketable product.

The wireless Touch Mouse is Microsoft's rather tardy answer to Apple's Magic Mouse, a multi-touch cursor-controller which lets users flick and swipe as well as the traditional moving and clicking.

The Microsoft Touch Mouse UK price will be £69.99 when it finally hits the shop shelves later this summer.

We have one in our hands as we speak, so we'll be bringing you our full Microsoft Touch Mouse review by the end of this week.