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Flat mouse apes iPod click wheel interface

The device is tiny at just 8mm thick and 30g

Buffalo has also just announced its second innovative product of the day in the shape of an unusual computer mouse that is just a few millimetres thick.

The name of the 800dpi optical BOMU-RHW01/S mouse may be a bit of a mouthful but the device itself is tiny at just 8mm thick and 30g. The innovation lies in the fact that Buffalo's designers have turned the mouse upside down in something akin to a 'tribute' to the iPod's click wheel.

As you'll see on the product website, there's a tiny trackball in the centre of the ¥6,993 (£31) mouse, which is enclosed by a rotating wheel. Turn the wheel to the right to scroll down a page of text or through a website and to the left to scroll up - seems like a good idea, right?

Even better is the inclusion of a button to retract the USB cable and Apple-tastic left- and right-click buttons on the edges of the wheel. Patent lawsuits here we come. J Mark Lytle