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AMD unleashes improved Fusion APUs

AMD unleashes improved Fusion APUs
Fusion just got funkier

AMD has updated its range of Fusion accelerated processing units, promising enhanced HD graphics and performance boosts.

The update applies to C-Series processors, which are primarily designed for netbooks and notebooks, and the all-in-one PC powering E-Series processors.

As well as graphics and performance boosts, the new chips are compatible with DisplayPort++, for HDMI or DisplayPort capable monitors or TVs.

The C-Series is also now capable of 12 hours of resting battery life - which AMD claims is a four hour increase over previous platforms.

'Premium features'

E-Series APUs benefit from "up to" 10.5 hours of resting battery life, as well as support for DDR3 1333 memory and HDMI 1.4a for 3D videos and images on compatible displays.

Chris Cloran, AMD's Client Division vice president and general manager, said, "With these new APUs, we're bringing premium features to entry-level products that let users get a richer computing experience."

It does raise the question of why AMD didn't just include these features from the word go, and whether existing chips will be flashable to new versions.

That said, it seems that both AMD and Intel still have a vested interest in the low-power, cheapo end of the market, and that has to be a good thing for netbook aficionados like ourselves.