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From terrifying brakes to laser beams: how far car tech has come

Then – MW radio and 8-track cassette

Car Tech

Actually, let's be realistic. In the 1970s it would have been just the crackly medium wave radio for most cars, where an 8-track cassette player was the stuff of high-end luxury cars. You also probably just had a single, centrally mounted speaker and the sort of sound quality that would make spoiled modern ears bleed.

It was just about OK for listening to the news or test match special, but bloody awful for anything else.

Now – Multi-speaker surround sound and streaming music

Car Tech

One of the unsung marvels of the modern motoring world is the optional Meridian sound system in the Range Rover Evoque. It's capable of both stupendous volume levels and staggering detail.

Of course, when it comes to source material in many current cars, the internet is your oyster. Even basic cars these days support Bluetooth streaming, which gives you access to any MP3s on your phone or streaming apps like Spotify.

Likewise, access to internet radio gives you almost infinite access to audio on the move - and increasingly courtesy of integrated 4G connections and thus without the need for a phone.