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Apple shines the spotlight on indie games on the App Store

There’s some good news for independent game developers – as of Thursday, Apple has launched new feature hubs just for indie games on the App Store which will run permanently.

The sections dedicated to indie games include one for games making their debut on iOS, and one for some well-loved titles from days gone by.

The hub will be curated regularly by Apple’s games editorial team, preventing developers from purchasing favourable positions, and will showcase both free-to-play and paid titles.

Game time

Speaking to Polygon, Mushroom 11 creator Itay Keren said: “By setting up this showcase and reserving this desired spot on their store, Apple is essentially taking a stand to insure the creativity, sustainability and diversity.”

Apple had been highlighting indie games over the last two weeks, likely as a lead up to the launch of this hub, featuring sections like ‘great indie games’ and ‘indie game debuts’.

There are no predictions as to how this new hub will affect customer behaviour, or where this permanent fixture will reside on the App Store, but finding favourable position has been known to make or break new games, with the top five most popular paid apps being games.