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APC's December 2019 issue is on sale now!

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Ransomware is an evil that can be blocked. In APC we show you how, so you can use your computer in confidence. We also tackle malware and the simple steps you can take to prevent attacks on your system.

Wi-Fi 6 is the newest high-speed iteration of the networking standard and adds a much welcome boost to your home and office network's performance. With new routers and devices arriving on the market APC explains the benefits of Wi-Fi 6, and why you may want to consider upgrading your gear.

Students of any age can read our head to head comparing the laptops we consider the very best, combining great portability and battery performance with enough power to meet typical student tasks, and all at a price point that makes a difference.

APC's reviews this month include the second generation HTC Vive Cosmos VR headset – taking virtual reality to an even more realistic level. We have the stunning Aorus 17 HDR laptop along with desktop PCs from Dell and a value proposition from Aldi that offers great performance at typical Aldi pricing. Very nice!

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