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Amazon Smart Plug release date, price, news and features

At Amazon’s event today the company unveiled a raft of new Echo and other Alexa-equipped devices, and one of them is Amazon's very own Smart Plug, which lets you voice-control anything plugged into it.

It’s available to pre-order today for $25 (£25, about AU$34) and will ship next month. You’ll have it well in advance of Christmas and Black Friday.

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Users must choose an Alexa-supporting device, or even just the Alexa app, to link up with the Smart Plug – but at least it doesn’t require a smart hub to work. Through their Alexa device, users can create routines for when to turn on whatever’s plugged in to it, from lights to fans to coffee makers. 

In essence, this makes ‘dumb’ appliances a bit smarter, letting users vocally set up schedules to activate or deactivate their appliances. It’s unclear whether the Smart Plug will get any more functionality than simply choosing when to supply power, meaning you’ll have to, say, set up your coffee pot to brew when it’s turned on rather then control its myriad options through Alexa.

The Smart Plug also only supplies one plug, so don’t expect to replace your multi-outlet extenders just yet. We’ll have an Amazon Smart Plug review as soon as we get one, plug it in, and shout commands at it.

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