A big Google TV update is about to give your home screen a fresh new look

Google TV home screen update feb 2024
The latest Google TV update to the home screen (pictured) will change the Your Apps row to include circular icons and more (Image credit: Google)

Google is rolling out an update for Google TV which will see a fresh re-design of its home screen, with a focus on neatening the Your Apps section, according to Android Police. The update is set to roll out over the next few days, but some features will be limited by region (more on that below). 

The first noticeable feature in this update is a redesign of the icons in the Your Apps section - changing the square icons to circular. This enables more apps to fit in the horizontal row and decreases scrolling. There’s also the introduction of ‘reorder’ and ‘add apps’ buttons on the row, allowing for easier customization. 

The Your Apps row is also getting a shortcut to free TV channels, where you’ll be able to access local news, sports, and so on. It’s worth noting that this part of the update will be limited to the US. There’s a Google support page with a list of the available channels, which includes Dateline 24/7, Hell’s Kitchen, and more. 

Google TV, which can be found on some of the best TVs from Sony, Philips, and more, receives regular updates, including a recent update that made finding fresh TV shows and movies less of a chore by adding a ‘Quick Access’ feature.  

Tidier home screens welcome 

Google TV homepage and Quick Access row

Google TV home screen (pictured) how it currently looks  (Image credit: Google)

It may be a small improvement overall, but the introduction of smaller, circular icons for the Your Apps section of the Google TV home screen is a welcome update. Previous smart TV platforms have often been hampered by cluttered home pages, so any efforts to tidy up should be celebrated.

Google may be trying to make its home screen more visually appealing after it was revealed in January that Roku, whom we've often praised for its simple approach to its smart TV platform, announced that more ads will be coming to its home screen and while ad preferences can be adjusted, it is still frustrating. 

Although Google TV still carries a lot of recommendations and ads on its home screen, this update gives the home screen easier navigation and a cleaner look that is sure to please Google TV owners. 

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