Samsung TV Plus delivers tons of new channels just in time for the holidays

Samsung TV Plus
(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung appears to be channeling its inner Santa Claus again this year: it's just given users a huge present for the holidays in the shape of multiple new streaming channels. It's also added more on-demand content too. That takes the total number of channels available to US viewers to well over 330, and it's a very mixed selection that covers everything from Dr Quinn Medicine Woman to more local news.

In addition, some of the streamer's refreshed channels and movie options are perfect for the season: you're getting lots of holiday-themed entertainment including Hallmark Movies, Holiday Movie Favorites, A Very Merry Murphy, Murray & McCarthy Marathon, Get Some Holiday Cheer and A Comedic Christmas.

What's new on Samsung TV Plus for the holidays?

The update isn't quite as exciting as some outlets have suggested – the update isn't adding "hundreds" of new channels; it's adding to the 330-plus channels already available – but it's still a lot of additional entertainment. According to the Digital TV website, the additions include the following reality, documentary and history content:

  • American Pickers by History (hidden treasure)
  • Hoarders by A&E (compulsive hoarding)
  • Flipping Nation (home renovation)
  • 60 Days In by A&E (undercover in prison)
  • Intervention by A&E (addiction)
  • History 365 (deep dives on historical topics)
  • Storage Wars: LA by A&E
  • Bring It! by Lifetime (theatrical rehearsals and rivalries)
  • Little Women: LA by Lifetime
  • Mountain Men by History
  • I Survived... by A&E
  • Alone by History (more survival stories)
  • Forged in Fire by History (swords!)
  • Swamp People by History (life in the Louisiana swamps)
  • Hagerty (cars and car culture)
  • Dr Quinn Medicine Woman
  • More local news in places including Austin, Detroit, Milwaukee, Orlando, Phoenix, Seattle and Tampa Bay

Samsung TV Plus is a pretty big deal in the FAST (Free Ad-Supported TV) market: it reaches over 24 countries and 535 million devices around the world and it's available on lots of devices – not just TVs but Samsung Galaxy devices, Samsung Smart Monitors and Family Hub refrigerators too. 

According to Samsung, as of November it had seen a 60% increase in viewers compared to the previous year. And the service is clearly investing heavily in the service: just last month it added more channels, including a new music hub in partnership with Vevo, XITE and Stingray.

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