Jack Ryan's final season streams on Prime Video this week – here's what to watch next

A photo of actor John Krasinski as he plays Jack ryan
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It's a bittersweet week for fans of Jack Ryan, the action-packed Prime Video spy thriller. Season four is set to start streaming on one of the best streaming services on Friday, June 30, but it's going to be the last one – Amazon called time on Jack Ryan after 4 seasons last year.   

As a result, the end of this season means that Ryan will hang up his kevlar vest for good. But don't worry, because there's plenty of spy thrillers to watch on Prime Video to keep you on the edge of your seat. So, when the final season of Jack Ryan drops the final curtain, make sure these are in your to-snoop list.

1. Citadel

This Prime Original was such a huge hit, we not only rate it as one of the best Prime Video series to watch in June but it's already been commissioned for a second season. Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra Jonas are mind wiped super-agents, living a quiet life until sinister forces bring them back into action. Going by the Rotten Tomatoes ratings, Citadel is more popular with audiences than critics, but even the most curmudgeonly critics admit that it's great fun to watch.

2. Reacher

This isn't strictly a show about spies, but it hits all the same beats. It's the story of a retired military police officer who's accused of a murder he didn't commit, and that lands him right in the middle of a massive conspiracy involving dirty cops, dirty businessmen and dirty politicians. It's really good, with a 92% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 91% audience score too. Reacher is also so much better than the Jack Reacher movies that miscast Tom Cruise as a man who's supposed to be a mountain rather than a molehill.

3. The Terminal List

This show has another conspiracy at the heart of it, this time in the military. Navy SEAL James Reece investigates the murder of his platoon and vows revenge on the sinister forces behind it. The Terminal List has really divided people – while audiences have given it a 95% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it has a 39% score from the critics. Having Chris Pratt in the main role probably hasn't helped, as he's proved to be a pretty divisive figure on social media.

4. Hunters

Nominated for a Golden Globe, Hunters is based on an improbable-sounding true story – vigilantes in 1970s New York hunting down Nazis who want to create a Fourth Reich right there in the US. Al Pacino's in it, and that's reason enough to watch. The story plays out over two tense seasons, and while it isn't perfect, it's perfectly entertaining and often nerve-shredding.

5. Hanna

Saoirse Ronan is superb in this as the titular Hanna, a young woman raised in the Finnish wilderness to become the ultimate assassin. Sent across Europe to complete a mission, Hanna must evade the ruthless agents sent after her by Cate Blanchett, while unravelling the mystery of who she is. The Age's Jim Schembri wrote in a Rotten Tomatoes review: "This cool, calculated who's-hunting-who piece brings home all the requisite tension, gunplay and fighting with a great deal of cinematic style."

6. Yosi, The Regretful Spy

Yosi, The Regretful Spy follows José Pérez, an intelligence agent of the Argentine Federal Police, who infiltrates a Jewish community to gather information about the terrorist attacks against the Israeli Embassy and other targets in the 1990s. With an impressive 83% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes and multiple awards under its belt, this Spanish-language thriller isn't scared to show the full complexity and realpolitik that muddies the waters of what might otherwise be a standard cat-and-mouse drama.

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