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We chose three rival cameras for the Sony A6300 to see how it measured up in our lab tests: the Panasonic GX8, the Olympus PEN-F and the Fuji X-Pro2

We've carried out lab tests on the Sony A6300 across its full ISO range for resolution, noise (including signal to noise ratio) and dynamic range. We test the JPEGs shot by the camera, but we also check the performance with raw files. Most enthusiasts and pros prefer to shoot raw, and the results can often be quite different.

Sony A6300 resolution charts

We test camera resolution using an industry-standard ISO test chart that allows precise visual comparisons. This gives us numerical values for resolution in line widths/picture height, and you can see how the Sony A6300 compares with its rivals in the charts below.

Sony A6300 review

JPEG resolution analysis: The A6300 leads the way for detail resolution amongst its competition here.

Sony A6300 review

Raw (converted to TIFF) resolution analysis: The A6300 puts in an impressively consistent performance, managing to maintain a high level of detail into the high sensitivity settings.