Samsung Tocco Lite 2
Take 2... can Samsung get it right second time round?


The Samsung Tocco Lite 2 supports 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0 and WAP 2.0.

Samsung Tocco Lite 2 review

The obvious connectivity omission is 3G. Without it you're limited to WAP when there's no Wi-Fi available, and that is slow.

It can be connected to a PC using a Micro USB to USB cable and used as either a mass storage device or connected to Samsung's Kies software.

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Whichever way you do it getting media on or off the phone can be done by simply dragging and dropping or copying and pasting.

Given that there's only 20MB of storage on board most of your media will be on a microSD card anyway, so if you prefer you can also just take that out and connect it to your PC separately.


In terms of apps the Samsung Tocco Lite 2 is pretty comparable to other feature phones.

Samsung Tocco Lite 2 review

It doesn't have the wealth of apps smartphone users have come to enjoy but there are a handful of games for download, as well as various songs, ringtones and videos.

The Tocco Lite 2 also comes with some apps pre-loaded, such as Facebook, Twitter and a currency converter. Not to mention expected apps like a calendar, calculator and stop watch.

It's worth noting that the calendar can't sync to any pre-existing calendars you might have.

There's no mapping software included (or available), which is a bit of a shame, especially since the original Samsung Tocco Lite came with Google Maps.