Samsung Tocco Lite 2 review

Will Samsung's budget handset see the same success as the original Tocco Lite?

Samsung Tocco Lite 2
Take 2... can Samsung get it right second time round?

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The interface on the Samsung Tocco Lite 2 will be somewhat familiar to users of Samsung's other phones, as it uses a version of their popular TouchWiz UI.

Samsung Tocco Lite 2 review

There are seven home screens and these are customizable with widgets and application shortcuts, though the selection of widgets on offer is rather limited and you can only have one per screen.

Tapping the top of a home screen will reveal a drop-down menu with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and sound toggles.

At the bottom of each home screen there are icons for keypad, contacts and menu.

Pressing 'menu' will take you to a list of all of your applications, along with the settings menu.

Samsung Tocco Lite 2 review

Their positioning can be changed but by default they are not listed alphabetically, which can make it a pain to find things.

That aside the interface is quite well laid out and has a generous number of home screens.

The real issue is in actually getting around, as despite being capacitive the touch screen isn't very responsive. Or rather it isn't consistently responsive.

Sometimes you'll swipe and nothing will happen, other times you'll swipe and it will open an application you happened to swipe across.

It can be quite aggravating to use, particularly if you're coming from a phone with a good touch screen.

Coupled with the tiny display which already makes operation cramped and awkward it leads to frequent mistakes.

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