Samsung Tocco Lite 2 review

Will Samsung's budget handset see the same success as the original Tocco Lite?

Samsung Tocco Lite 2
Take 2... can Samsung get it right second time round?

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Contacts and calling

The Samsung Tocco Lite 2 is a handset that's remembered that phones were designed for calling people.

Samsung Tocco Lite 2 review

With that in mind, contacts and the dial pad can be accessed by an icon at the bottom of any home screen, as well as through the main menu.

You can also put additional shortcuts to your contacts or dial pad on any home screen or even use a widget to give yourself quick access to a few favourites.

Adding contacts is easy too and can be done from a menu option on the contacts screen.

Samsung Tocco Lite 2 review

In a disappointing, but minor, omission there is no smart dialing and though there are Facebook and Twitter apps built into the phone, neither of these have any integration with your contacts.

But once you get through to someone the connection is good. We experienced no dropped calls and even in poor signal areas it was possible to have a conversation.

When you consider that there are also soft-touch dial and end-call buttons, this is a phone that handles calls well.


Messaging is also handled well, though isn't without its share of problems.

It's intuitively laid out, new messages can be opened from the lock screen, pictures, audio and video can easily be attached to a message and you can even send emails from the messages application.

Samsung Tocco Lite 2 review

Reading messages is a breeze too. They can be viewed as either individual items or as part of a conversation thread.

Having both almost seems redundant but at least it gives you the choice of how you want to view them.

So far so good, but actually typing a message is problematic as the keyboard is small and cramped, which, combined with the inconsistent responsiveness of the touch screen, makes it an awkward affair.

Considering the size of the screen it's also a given that there is no landscape mode.

Samsung Tocco Lite 2 review

In its defence Samsung does try to make things easier.

The Samsung Tocco Lite 2 has a reasonably accurate auto-correct and it's possible to switch from a QWERTY keyboard to a keypad of the type you'd have used back in the days when phones actually had buttons.

In addition to text message and email, the Samsung Tocco Lite 2 also has Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk, Facebook chat and Samsung's own ChatON service built in.

So all in all it really gives you a lot of communication options.

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