Samsung Tocco Lite 2
Take 2... can Samsung get it right second time round?

The Samsung Tocco Lite 2 may only have a 1,000mAh battery but its performance is very good.

With mixed use you're unlikely to have to charge it more than once every two or three days.

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In a world where it's not uncommon to have to reach for a charger after less than a day that's pretty impressive.

The lack of 3G actually probably helps it here, as that's a real battery killer, but even with Wi-Fi on much of the time, lots of texting and some music and web browsing it still lasts a long time.

Samsung Tocco Lite 2 review

There aren't any built in battery-saving options but if you want to extend the battery life even more you can always turn the brightness down and change the screen timeout settings.

Samsung Tocco Lite 2 review

In our battery test we started with a full battery, turned the screen to full brightness, activated Wi-Fi, turned the volume up to its loudest setting and set Facebook to refresh every 15 minutes.

Then with all that in place we streamed 244 minutes of YouTube videos before a low battery mode kicked in and prevented us from continuing.

So we then took to web browsing – loading and refreshing as many pages as possible and the battery finally died after 281 minutes.

Samsung Tocco Lite 2 review

Samsung claim the Tocco Lite 2 can manage 882 minutes of talk time – which might well be true since in two hours of talk time it only lost one of its five battery bars.

They also claim a standby time of 625 hours and, well, we haven't had it long enough to know if that's true, and we certainly haven't been keeping it on standby other than overnight, but it definitely lasts a long time.