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Blackberry 7130g review

The latest BlackBerry is a candybar phone

Setting up the Blackberry 7130g is extremely easy

Our Verdict

The BlackBerry 7130g is an impressive handheld


  • Candybar form factor and shared keys

    POP or Exchange Server versions

    No better way to get email on the move


  • Only 64Mb of onboard memory

Connected devices are changing the way we interact with the world at large. No longer do we need to be tied to the office to reply to important emails. Up until now BlackBerry devices have been useful, but a little too unwieldy for the average user.

The 7130g is an update of the 7110v and comes with a candybar approach and shared keys, rather than separate QWERTY keys. You'll find the keyboard is still in QWERTY format and takes a little while to get used to, but with SureType predictive text it's easier than you may think.

O2 has released two versions of the device, one for corporate users that can be set up with Exchange Server, while the consumer version uses standard Internet email accounts, such as Gmail or Yahoo! and within a couple of minutes you can be receiving email directly to your handheld.

BlackBerry has spent a great deal of care to hide the technology away, so setting up the device is extremely easy. What's more, it even supports instant messaging.

O2 is offering the handset free with a 12-month contract that costs £12.77 (inc. VAT) a month for 5MB of email delivery on top of a typical £39.75 (per month) for the Business 250 Unlimited package.

Sporting an Intel XScale processor, things tick over quickly and while there isn't any expansion in the device, the 64MB of internal memory is enough for email. This is due to the way BlackBerry packages its data.

Rather than sending the email with full attachments, it merely sends the message and should you need the attachment, it'll send a compressed version for you to view. For example, a PowerPoint presentation will be compressed and sent as a JPEG, a much smaller and quicker delivery method.

The BlackBerry 7130g is an impressive handheld. It's easy to set up and with O2 offering it free, under contract, there is no real reason to ignore the possibility of email on the move.