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Battery life is ultra important for a tablet. Users should be able to get to full day of fun without reaching for a charger. Amazon claims 11-hours of battery life, and with gentle use you'll get that, but even with heavy use the Kindle Fire HDX gets impressive longevity out of a charge.

Battery Life

The Kindle Fire HDX we tested was a WiFi model, so we can't speak for the LTE version, but it's easy to get 9-10 hours of video watching, web surfing and all around media consumption from Amazon's tablet.

Streaming video takes the greatest chunk out of the HDX's charge, but you can still stream an entire movie and take out just a fifth of your battery life. You can easily charge this tablet ever other day with heavy use, maybe even once or twice a week if you're less intensive.

Charging is done via a microUSB port. The charging cable and AC adapter is included - we really only mention this because Amazon doesn't give an adapter with its Paperwhite ereader. We're gad they didn't cheap out here.

The Kindle Fire HDX's battery life doesn't best the competition, but it remains on par. You can fly across the Atlantic with this guy and keep entertained the whole way.

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX review


Absolutely nothing to write home about here. You've got a front-facing 720p camera, and no rear snapper. That's a decision we're ok with, since you frankly look like a goof shooting pictures with a tablet.

Still, it does feel kind of cheap when you stack it against a Nexus 7 or iPad mini, all of which have front camera.

The front-facing camera is good enough for Skype and capable of taking a decent selfie, in the right light. More often than not it's blown out and grainy though.