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OCZ Platinum 1,600MHz

A dual-channel DDR3 kit with all the speed you can handle

OCZ Platinum 1,600MHz
TechRadar's OCZ Platinum 1,600MHz review

We liked

Choosing system memory is often more about avoiding performance bottlenecks than it is about buying fast DIMMs for the sake of it. In that context, the OCZ Platinum 1,600MHz 4GB does everything you could ask of it. It performs well from 1,333MHz right up to 2,000MHz. That's comfortably a big enough spread for most needs including all but the most ambitious overclockers.

We disliked

In truth, there's not much to complain about. Yes, OCZ could have bolted on a beefier cooling solution than a measly pair of heat spreaders. But calling OCZ out on that when the actual performance is so strong is pretty rough. Only extreme performance enthusiasts will feel the need for more than this kit can deliver.

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