Samsung Q330
This ultraportable is surprisingly well featured for its price

The Samsung Q330's 13.3-inch screen features a glossy Super-TFT coating that's highly reflective. If you regularly work outside, this will prove distracting and may strain your eyes.

The upshot, however, is that images are more lifelike, with pleasingly warm colours. The Samsung Q330's display is also crisp, with the 1366 x 768 WXGA resolution proving more than sufficient for intricate photo editing and working on spreadsheets. Movies also look great, with deep blacks and no motion blur.

Another strong feature is the 320GB hard drive, which offers plenty of storage despite the slim chassis. Only users with large media collections will quickly fill that much space, which is enough for hundreds of albums and feature-length movies.

Samsung q330 review: dvd drive

There aren't too many other features here, but there is enough space in the Samsung Q330's chassis for a DVD drive so that you can watch movies on the move. Alternatively, VGA and HDMI ports are both available for attaching an external monitor – handy if you want to stick on a film at home but need a bigger screen.

Samsung q330 review: ports

If your camera or other portable devices use SD cards, you'll be pleased to know that you can plug them straight into the Samsung Q330's SD card reader, enabling you to access your media without fiddling around with cables. However, some devices use different media cards, such as Sony's Memory Stick Duo technology, so you'll have to check their compatibility first.

Samsung q330 review: memory card reader

802.11n Wi-Fi is on board for the fastest possible wireless networking, while Gigabit Ethernet provides its wired equivalent. The Samsung Q330 also includes Bluetooth 2.1 for transferring files with compatible devices, or attaching peripherals, such as Bluetooth headsets.