JML Disc Clinic review

Restore life to those battered discs

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Our Verdict

A disc that would previously jump played back, so it worked for us


  • Does exactly what it says on the tin
  • Easy to use


  • Handle on box is too small

Disc Clinic promises to remove dirt, scratches and fingerprints from damaged discs. We used it on a pair of DVDs that looked like they had been skimmed across the M4.

The process involved spraying the surface of the disc with a solution, clamping the disc into the circular box, then using a handle to spin two abrasive pads over the silicon. Friction between the pads and silicon, aided by the solution filling the scratches, then work their magic. Or so the theory goes.

Clean as a whistle

Fingerprints and dirt lifted straight off. Scratches stayed put, which at first annoyed us, plus the handle on the box is so small it’s hard to grip and you get tired after a few minutes of buffing. A bigger knob would have made life much easier.

Despite the scratches staying in place on the DVD, it miraculously played back cleanly. We suspect pushing the solution into the scratches did something to help the laser see the data. Whatever the case, we had no complaints.