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There's a new Oppo Find X on the way – and it's coming soon

Oppo Find X
The original Oppo Find X (Image credit: Future)

The Oppo Find X came out late 2018 and early 2019 depending on where you live, and in many regions it was one of the first Oppo phones available for you to buy. Now, there's an Oppo Find X2 on the way.

Michael Tran, Oppo UK's Executive Director, shared the announcement details with our reporter Basil Kronfli following Oppo's Innovation Day 2019 about the upcoming device, and when we can expect it.

According to Oppo, the Find X2 smartphone is set to be launched in 'Q1 2020', so it'll be unveiled before March. We could therefore see it at Mobile World Congress 2020, an annual phones event where many new handsets are launched.

We don't know any of the specs so far apart from the fact the device will be a 5G phone, and use the recently-announced top-end Snapdragon 865 chipset, but the device might launch with some other new products.

"2020 is gearing up to be an exciting year for Oppo. Not only are we set to expand our portfolio of smart devices with products such as smart headphones and smart watches, we will also be launching our next-generation flagship smartphone" Tran said.

Is this another mechanical phone?

The Oppo Find X had a distinctive feature in the form of its mechanical moving part - when you wanted to use either the front or rear camera, a section at the back rose to reveal the lenses. Since then, a few phones have used similar moving parts, and pop-up cameras now pop up in devices from loads of different companies.

It's an interesting solution to the issue of front-facing cameras taking up screen real estate. Since Oppo mentioned 'a great deal of emphasis on providing a truly immersive display' for the Find X2, it seems likely the front-facing camera will be in a pop-up segment.

Oppo itself uses moving parts in the Reno series of devices, which have 'shark-fin' pop up sections, so it seems the company is committed to mechanical components in its smartphones. We could see the Find X2 using a similar pop-up rear section as its predecessor then, but hopefully this one will be a little more durable.

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