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No arrival date for integrated Google TVs for UK

No arrival date for integrated Google TVs for UK
Integrated Google TV sets will come to UK, eventually

Integrated Google TV sets will be coming to the UK but Google will not commit to a likely arrival date.

The launch of Google TV in the UK will be confined to Sony set top boxes, a media streamer and a Blu-ray player in the coming months.

Many would suggest that it makes more sense to integrate Google TV into televisions rather than selling an additional tuner-free set top box, but the UK will have to wait to see if that is the case.

Range of devices

"You will see Google TV built into devices, in the US we've launched TVs with Sony as well so you will see a range of devices," Google's Suveer Kothari told a briefing attended by TechRadar.

"But it makes sense to be a range because if you build it into televisions that's not something you purchase every year.

"Think of this as a better product for an upgrader then, if you buy a TV, you'll see those coming over to the UK.

"[As to when] I can't comment on a timeframe for that."

The first Google TV product for the UK will be the Sony NSZ-GS7 media streamer in the third week of July with the Blu-ray toting Sony NSX-GT4 arriving 'later in the summer'.