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Windows 10 will be welcomed by enterprises

Windows 10 could be the most important OS for Microsoft.
Windows 10 could be the most important OS for Microsoft.

If Microsoft was a person, s/he would probably have been going through a midlife crisis by now (the company was founded almost 40 years ago).

That's the analogy used during our discussion with John Tucker, European Product Marketing manager at Panasonic, when discussing about the world's biggest software company and how it has evolved over the past two years.

"There has been a change in philosophy over the last couple of years", Tucker noted, with more support from Microsoft for particular verticals.

A gradual warming up of businesses to Microsoft might explain why Windows 10 appears to be more welcomed with a "significant portion" of Panasonic enterprise users.

"Positive Intent"

Many are considering the jump to Microsoft's new OS from Windows 7, with the cross platform compatibility and being able to offer one unified architecture being mentioned as one of the main driving reasons for a potential adoption.

Tablets will not be where the growth will come though according to Panasonic, a feeling shared by Dell as well. Neil Hand, VP for the company's tablet Product Group told us that Windows 10 will help though.

"There has been positive intent from customers, a much more positive reception at this point in time, compared to Windows 8", Hand said.