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Sideways-scrolling mouse sports D-pad button

Buffalo's mouse can scroll in four directions.

Video-game fans who can't bear to be parted from their cherished D-pad controller buttons for more than a few minutes a day will be sure to get a kick out of the newest PC mouse from Buffalo Japan , which has just such a plus button for easy spreadsheet navigation.

The ¥3,486 (£15) BOMU-JK/M mouse is nothing particularly special - a standard 800dpi resolution, USB corded model - but the D-pad style button in place of a scroll wheel makes for a cheap Windows alternative to Apple's glorious, yet notoriously unreliable, Mighty Mouse .

Buffalo says the new mouse will work its four-directional scrolling magic with any version of Windows from 98 on, although a driver needs to be installed to enable the horizontal scrolling in Windows Vista.