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Chrome will stop supporting XP, Vista and old OS X


Google has announced it will no longer support Chrome on older, unsupported platforms – and Windows Vista.

Starting April 2016, the Chrome browser will no longer be receiving updates or security fixes on Microsoft's Windows XP and Vista, as well as Apple's Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8 devices, the search giant said in a blog post.

Google explained that these operating systems will not be supported "since these platforms are no longer actively supported by Microsoft and Apple".

Interestingly, though, Microsoft has committed to supporting Vista until April 2017, but Google says "Such older platforms are missing critical security updates and have a greater potential to be infected by viruses and malware."

Chrome will still be fully functional on the affected operating systems after Google ends support for the browser, but with no updates or security fixes incoming after April next year, Google is urging users to upgrade their machines.