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Saucony's latest running shoe promises a speed boost without a carbon plate

(Image credit: Saucony)

Saucony has launched a new running shoes designed to give you extra speed without the need for a carbon plate.

The EndorphinSPEED is intended for speed training and racing, with a plate made of semi-rigid nylon plate that Saucony says provides 'snappy transitions' as you run. At $160 / £155 (about AU$280), it's a more affordable alternative to carbon-fiber shoes, which often retail for over $200.

The company has also released a new shoe built for everyday endurance running. The EndorphinSHIFT is a cushioned stability shoe with a thick, stiff midsole that delivers guidance without any plate at all. It retails at $140 / £130 (about AU$230).

The shoes are available for both men and women, and come a distinctive 'White Mutant' colorway. With a white upper, turquoise midsole, orange sock and yellow laces, it won't be for everyone, so thankfully there's a choice of more subtle options as well.

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Saucony EndorphlnSPEED

Saucony EndorphinSPEED (Image credit: Saucony)
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Saucony EndorphinSHIFT

SauconyEndorphinSHIFT (Image credit: Saucony)

Saucony's first Endorphin shoe arrived in May. Much like Nike's infamous VaporFly series, the Endorphin Pro features an S-shaped carbon fiber plate to transfer forces as your foot rolls forward, giving you more power with each step.

The VaporFly attracted controversy and fascination when it was investigated by a World Athletics review panel to see if their thick sole and carbon plate gave runners an unfair advantage.

It was eventually given the green light, leading to a flurry of new releases as other shoe makers put their designers to work creating to give plates a new spin.

The full Endorphin range (both with and without carbon) is available to buy now directly from Saucony

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