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Samsung makes Omnia Pro series phones official

Samsung's new range including the Omnia Pro
Samsung's new range including the Omnia Pro

Despite having a high profile launch this evening being simulcast around the globe, Samsung has also officially launched four new phones at a recent event in Singapore.

The first two are the most interesting, being the B7610 (also recently dubbed The Louvre and Omnia Pro) and the Blackberry-a-like B7320 (also known as the Jackie).

It appears that rather than bring out a single Omnia Pro handset, Samsung has decided to label a series under the name, so both these handsets appear to be just that.

The B7610 is much as we brought you earlier today, namely a slide-out QWERTY keypad and a 5.1MP camera with autofocus, not to mention the powerful 800MHz processor under the hood.

Samsung Jackie

The B7320 Jackie is a Blackberry-style handset with full QWERTY keyboard, widescreen display (although it doesn't look like a touchscreen or AMOLED) and a Windows Mobile 6.1 OS with skinning.

We know it has Wi-Fi, and clearly we'll be seeing some HSDPA ultra-fast 3G connectivity. Other than that, we're simply hoping we get some more details tonight, such as a release date and prices.

Also involved in the launch were the already announced Android-powered i7500 and the 12MP Pixon 12 (we can see how that name came about), although we're still no closer to getting any more UK information on these efforts.

Via Akihabara news

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