Samsung Louvre outed as Omnia Pro?

Samsung's new Omnia Pro?
Samsung's new Omnia Pro?

New pictures leaked of the forthcoming Omnia Pro on the Samsung website look very similar to the recently rumoured Samsung Louvre B7610.

The new phone shown has an identical scrolling section to the Louvre, although the pictures are a lot more official and a lot less grainy.

Both have the nice-looking slide out keyboard, both have the glorious 3.5-inch AMOLED screen, and both have the weird scroll wheel similar to the Beat DJ phone Samsung announced at Mobile World Congress.

The much-vaunted Samsung skin over the top of the Windows Mobile 6.1 is also displayed in the shots, and clearly takes a fair few visual cues from the HTC TouchFLO 3D interface.

Lifestyle choice

There's a 'Media' and 'Pro' interface on board (for the two separate avenues of your busy, busy life) and a dedicated key to switch between the two.

The back is covered in a lovely red and black sheen (similar to that seen on Samsung's new LED / Luxia TV frames) and there's also a 'pane' interface to link to different applications on the phone.

We're heading off to a Samsung event tonight, so there's an outside chance this might pop up given the company accidentally leaked the photos over the weekend on the site.

But given that it's apparently coming either September or October (with rumoured software problems pushing things further) it's very much an outside possibility for the next level of Omnia.

Via Unwired View

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