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LG watch-phone to cost £1,000?

LG's watch phone... £1,000??
LG's watch phone... £1,000??

LG's GD910 watch phone might be consigned to the 'pipe dream' bin after it was rumoured Orange had agreed a deal across Europe for the new device to cost £1,000.

Although TechRadar has spoken to LG and it was slightly perplexed over the rumour, it has yet refused to confirm or deny the price point of grandiose proportions.

Mobile Today is reporting the £1,000 price, saying that although the price has not been announced, it had been agreed for a cross-Europe campaign.

The same site also stated that users will be able to pick it up for £500 on contract, although it would cost an additional £40 a month to run.

While the wrist-based device, which can be both spoken to and used with a Bluetooth headset, is certainly among the 'must-haves' on every gadget-lovers fantasy wishlist, there aren't many that will be willing to pay out that much money for the device.

Video fun?

The touchscreen, while responsive in the brief hands on we got with the device, is a little small, so tapping out a text may be a little difficult, and we imagine there's only so much fun you can have video-calling a mate on it.

We're awaiting confirmation or denial of this rumour, as well as hoping to find out a more concrete date of release, with Orange simply idly waving a hand over its year planner and saying it will be released at some point during 2009.