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BlackBerry apps pass 1 billion download mark

BlackBerry, getting app-ier
BlackBerry, getting app-ier

RIM has released some numbers with regards to its app store, revealing that it recently surpassed the 1 billion app download milestone.

It may not be close to the heady numbers that Apple and Google have reported over the last few months – Apple has hit 15 billion downloads, Google 4.5 billion – but it does show that BlackBerry App World is slowly creating an app eco-system for its BlackBerry line-up.

World of apps

Speaking about the upcoming Blackberry App World 3.0 beta, Alex K., product manager at RIM, said: "With BlackBerry App World 3.0 beta coming soon, I was thinking about the evolution of BlackBerry App World and how far we've come.

"The BlackBerry App World storefront launched a little over two years ago, and over that time, we've made many feature improvements, enhanced the look and feel, and added a ton of compelling apps.

"BlackBerry App World is now in over 100 countries, seeing an average of 3 million downloads per day, and we recently crossed the 1 billion app download milestone!"

To put this in context: a year into the life of the Apple App Store, Apple had clocked up 1.5 billion app downloads.

And then the iPad came along.

Via NetworkWorld