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Slimmed down 'Aero Lite' UI set for Windows 8

My, what average icons you have
My, what average icons you have

Microsoft's upcoming PC OS, Windows 8, could offer a cut-down version of its user interface, taking on some design elements from the Windows Phone 7 UI.

The new desktop interface is set to be known as 'Aero Lite', according to an msstyles file that was discovered by Twitter user AngelWZR.

Windows Aero is the desktop experience already in use on Windows 7, incorporating graphics and window layouts with animations and glass-like effects.

Have you felt the bubbles melt?

Word on the street is that a number of icons from the Metro UI on Windows Phone will make their way to Windows 8 via "Aero Lite".

Aero Lite is also said to include some flat Metro (Windows Phone) styles for users who can't run the full software – which, it now seems more likely than ever, will include 3D graphics.

Some icons from Aero Lite have also leaked, including some thrilling arrows, a horrible Windows button and a lot of crosses and boxes.

Via WinRumours