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New Content-Aware Fill options coming soon to Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop
Photoshop is getting new options for its Content-Aware Fill tool (Image credit: Shutterstock; Adobe; Unsplash)

A sneak-peek presented by Photoshop Product Manager Meredith Payne Stotzner shows how Adobe will be improving its exceedingly clever Content Aware Fill tool in an upcoming update for Photoshop.

Content Aware Fill utilizes Sensei AI technology to create impressively realistic fills in a matter of seconds, with Stotzner calling it a “magical” feature. 

Joining the current Rectangular option for the tool will be new Auto and Custom options. The former will make use of the pixels immediately surrounding a selection for a better final result, automatically analyzing which would make the most sense to use to create a fill.

Alternatively, the Custom option gives the user full control over which area to use as a sample instead – this is apparently something which has repeatedly been requested by users.

See it in action

A video showing the capabilities of the new tools has been shared, showing just how useful the new tools could be for removing pesky tourists and stray objects from scenes, and re-imagining compositions. Having full control over the selection area is designed to save time, where the existing Rectangular option requires a little more input to get the exact effect you want. 

Stotzner claims that the feature is “more intelligent” and “more powerful” than ever before – and judging from the speed and seeming accuracy of the tools as showcased in the video, she’s not far wrong. 

No specific date was shared for the update, but the reference to 2019 indicates that it should be here before the end of the year.