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Moto Z2 Play appears in leaked image with a familiar design

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While the Moto Z2 has been heavily leaked, so far there hasn’t been any news of a Moto Z2 Play. At least, until now.

The successor to Motorola’s relatively affordable but still quite premium Moto Z Play has just been leaked in an image, by a “trusted source” of TechnoBuffalo, showing a phone that looks like a mix of the original Moto Z Play and the Moto G5.

Based on the image, the Moto Z2 Play has what appears to be a similarly slim design to the original Moto Z Play, along with a metal frame, a circular camera bump and a connector for attaching MotoMods.

However, the back looks like it’s probably metal rather than the glass we got on the original Moto Z Play, and the home button is now slightly more rounded, like it is on the Moto G5.

The source adds that the home button has a fingerprint scanner built in, with support for swiping gestures, which again, is like the Moto G5.

Credit: TechnoBuffalo

Credit: TechnoBuffalo

A month and a half away

You can also see that there’s a front-facing flash, and the screen says June 8, suggesting that’s when the Moto Z2 Play will launch, likely alongside the Moto Z2 and possibly the Moto X (2017).

While the image generally looks believable it’s odd that there’s only a single lens on the rear camera, when leaked images of both the higher-end Moto Z2 and the presumably lower-end Moto X (2017) show them with dual-lens cameras.

So we’d take this with a pinch of salt, but if the Moto Z2 Play really is in the works, and really is coming as soon as June, there could soon be a lot of new Motorola handsets to choose from.

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