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Samsung lets you take over man's life

Nick Turpin... photographing the wprld at our whim
Nick Turpin... photographing the wprld at our whim

Samsung has launched a new website tracking the day-to-day actions of a photographer, but putting you in charge of his life.

Well, not the whole thing, just the photographs he takes. But you can track him through a variety of ways, which does give you a voyeuristic adrenaline rush (if you like that sort of thing...).

The photographic adventures of Nick Turpin is set up to allow visitors to look at the photo Nick Turpin has just taken, and then click on the area they think should be the subject of the next snap.

Rear end

However, to give you a clue as to the kind of mentality some people have on this site, the next subject is a bottom. The photo was of a delivery driver stacking boxes, and out of all the artistically shot areas, the public decided his rear was the most interesting.

But, you can also watch where Nick Turpin is going through GPS and Google Maps, which we find eerie but also fairly compelling viewing... he's in Dulwich right now.

Nick Turpin said, "As a person and a photographer I tend to be a bit of a control freak, which means handing over my destiny to hundreds of thousands of strangers on the internet is going to be quite something."

Though we probably should mention the whole thing isn't just some weird experiment... Nick Turpin is taking pictures on the new 8MP Samsung Pixon mobile phone, which is soon to be released, and we're guessing the Koreans are looking to show off just what it can do.

Hang on, gotta go... he's just started going to the east side of Dulwich.