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MORE Blackberry Javelin pictures

The new BlackBerry Javelin
The new BlackBerry Javelin

RIM, RIM, RIM (Research In Motion to its parents). Why do you pretend to hide all the new phones you're bringing out, then leak a bunch of pictures nearly every week?

The new BlackBerry Javelin, the fun-loving lite sister of the upcoming Bold, has been shown again, but this time as official pictures released by the manufacturers themselves.

We've got a high speed MicroUSB port, 256MB onboard flash memory with more via a MicroSD slot, and a 512MHz processor.

Now blackballed

Also shown are a flush exterior and a lot of glass, coupled with a black trackball that replaces the white predecessor that quickly became grubby. This is a handset that makes a lot of sense as an evolutionary device, rather than the revolution of the forthcoming Thunder or KickStart.

It also packs a 3.2MP camera, the standard level for a set of decent pictures on a cameraphone, so once again RIM has shown it's ready to take on the media-savvy consumer with its business phones.

Still no word on release, but expect it to be later this year, if not trickling into 2009.